If you are searching solution related to hair, hair spa is the one. It not only solves problems   of rough and dull hairs, dandruff, hair re-growth, but also solves problem like hair loss. Hair spa gives conditioning and makes head relaxed.

Our expert stylist assures that you get all solution of your hair related problem at one place. Spa makes hairs stronger. It nourishes roots and promotes hair re-growth. Our Spa will help to make your hairs healthy. A good hair spa becomes a stress buster and makes you feel free from any type of mental stress.

Hair colouring makes you look different and gives you a perfect look. If you are bored with your Natural hair colour, you can try vivid tones of hair colours. Our stylist will give you a new look. One needs to be aware of choosing the shade as it must suit his/her style.

We use right and genuine products that are why our customers trust our services. Every person’s style is unique; our work is to enhance that beauty. Every haircut at ‘K’Doters begins with a personal consultation to make sure customer satisfaction. Our hair stylists are expert in giving perfect haircut no matter what face shape you have.


Makeup is a part of beauty. We are different from others because we understand what girls and ladies want. If you are a working women or a homemaker, we can give you a finest look. Our makeup stylist use different innovative makeup techniques which are not used by regular stylist. Looking beautiful on that special day of wedding is every brides dream, we makes that dream come true for them. Plan your pre- bridal hair, beauty, skin with our packages which includes Body Scrub, Body Wax, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure and just about everything a brides need to look her best.

Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure helps body in many ways, it relaxes your body and blood circulation of your body gets increased. You feel stress free when you take our Manicure and Pedicure services. We can promise you to give a perfect and pleasant experience of Manicure and Pedicure at ‘K’ Doters. We offer Manicure and Pedicure at very affordable rates, we believe in making our customers happy with our efforts of delivering perfect and best beauty studio services in the city.


Facial is the basic requirement of skin and it’s the best way to take proper care of your skin. Facial cleanses and nourishes every skin type. At ‘K’ Doters we have different type of facial. We have Jovees Fruit, Jovees Gold, Lotus, Cheryl’s, O3+ and cleanup available according to your requirement. Facial also helps skin to look younger and fresh all the time. It detoxifies your skin and reduces Whiteheads and Blackheads. Facial can treat acne and acne marks both. You can see and feel the difference in your skin after having few facial sessions. Facial also works nicely on one of the main problem in every age of people now a day’s known as dark circles. 


Waxing is the best way we know which helps removal of excess, unwanted hair, it can help to have the softer, cleaner look we always want. ‘K’ Doters offers waxing services which have Normal waxing, Cream waxing and Rica waxing. Rica waxing not only gives you hair removal but also gives you a shiny and moisturised skin, it also improve skin texture. Our waxing services are great for all skin types normal and dry. We offer services of waxing from full body waxing to hand, legs and underarms waxing according to your requirements.


Skin bleach can reduce dark spots on the skin caused by many reasons. It also reduces emergence of acne and scars on skin. Bleach can give you instant glow desired everyone. It also makes your face brighter in just a few times.

‘K’ Doters offers face, hand and leg bleaching, we also have D’tan bleaching available. Bleaching is good for face and it’s done by our professional and experienced team. We can assure you that bleaching can give you natural glow.